Bridging Islamic Knowledge and AI: Inquiring ChatGPT on Possible Categorizations for an Islamic Digital Library (full paper)

AUTHORS: A. El Ganadi, R. A. Vigliermo, L. Sala, M. Vanzini, F. Ruozzi, F. Ruozzi, S. Bergamaschi


Work Package : WP5

Keywords: Libraries and Archives in CH, Digital Libraries and Religious Archives, ChatGPT, Islamic studies, Arabic script languages, Islamic knowledge classification, Islamic subjects

This research evaluates the capabilities of ChatGPT in assisting with the categorization of an Islamic digital library exploiting incremental Machine Learning and Transfer Learning techniques. Noticeably, ChatGPT showcased a remarkable familiarity with Islamic knowledge, evident in its ability to classify subjects hierarchically based on their importance, from Qur’anic Studies to Modern Islamic Thought. The library aimed to cater to a diverse Arabic Islamic audience with collections sourced from varied digital donations. Despite ChatGPT’s commendable proficiency, challenges arose. In light of ChatGPT’s significant performance, several challenges arose, with interpretability, generalization, and the hallucination issue standing out as the most critical obstacles.

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